IMG_2950The Sea of Galilee in Israel is a thriving, beautiful lake that acts as the main water source for all of Israel. Its outlet is the Jordan River, which flows to the Dead Sea. The water there is brackish — 25% salts — and the minerals continue to build up because there is nowhere for the water to flow out of the sea. The Dead Sea is dead because it has no outlet.

This blog is my outlet for thoughts on topics such as psychology and culture (Monday) and Bible Studies I want to share (Saturday). The most important outlet are the Saturday posts. God has worked amazingly in my life, and if we keep silent about His majesty the rocks will cry out to sing His praises. When He leads my Bible study, I don’t want to keep what I learn confined to the growing stack of notebooks in my closet any more (learn more about my faith by clicking here).


I’m a homeschool graduate with a B.A. in English from The Ohio State University. I graduated summa cum laude in 2012 with research distinction and with minors in creative writing and studio art. While in school my fiction, creative non-fiction, and academic writings won first and second place awards in the Florence B. Allen competition. I also presented my research on 18th century literature twice at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

Right now, I live with my parents, younger siblings, and an elderly cat. I work as a freelance writer and blogger (see below for more info). When not writing, I love baking cheesecakes, reading books, puttering around in my garden of 80+ daylily hybrids, and belting out Broadway show tunes.

Writing Credits

My non-fiction work has appeared in web and print publications including eHow, SFGate, Living Education, Femnista, and Boundless.org. I’ve also self-published two e-books: The INFJ Handbook and God’s Love Story. Here are links to some of my articles:

If you’re curious about my fiction my website is MarisMcKay.com. There are links to some short stories on there you can read for free.












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  1. Marissa, I just read your ebook in about 2 hours!! I couldn’t put it down! Thank you so much for sharing it was like someone had explained my life! I have only recently come across Myers Briggs types and I feel like I finally understand a little bit about why I am who I am – your book went someway to helping with that so a huge huge thank you!! X


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